Monday, 3 June 2013

Doing the dirty on my running shoes

I just realised it's been well over a week since I last blogged. I have to admit that my running has been pretty limited during that time, but I'm happy to say it's not cause I've been sitting on my arse it's simply because of my new love affair...with my mountain bike!

In the words of Depeche Mode..I just can't get enough! I've emmersed myself in mtb'ing and am loving every minute of it. Attending several events in the Tweedlove festival certainly helped feed my addiction. Although I didnt actually ride myself Ruby did, and being around so many enthusiasts made me want to get out and ride even more.

Yesterday I decided to head out and explore some of the local trails that I'd heard about but never  ridden, and I wasn't disappointed. I spent 4 glorious hours in the sunshine (well mostly in the shade of the woods, but it was still warm and sunny!). I could have stayed out all day but decided my family might miss me so settled for 25 miles. On Saturday I'm doing the Selkirk mtb marathon. I'm only riding the 25km course but I'm really looking forward to it, especially as I know the course organiser and he certainly knows a good trail!

I will go out running soon. I feel like I want to and I miss it, but there's just not enough time to do everything.  Meanwhile here are some images from yesterday...

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